Project Management Status Reporting

Project Management Status Reporting

Have you ever been in a situation where you were unable to provide an update on the status of a project to a client? Or struggled to communicate the risks and issues that occurred within the team? If so, check out our short video on Status Reporting.

TrainingPros has partnered with Young Resource Group to bring you a series of short videos on project management best practices. Gordon Young, Learning and Staffing Lead at Young Resource Group, shares a few important tips on how to effectively track a project through status reporting.

To complete a project successfully, Gordon lays out five critical functions under the status-reporting umbrella that need to be fulfilled. These include informing on planned work, completed work, remaining work, issues, and hours worked. Tracking these core tasks would be beneficial when reporting on a project’s current status.

Moreover, status reporting also presents the opportunity for project managers to highlight their team’s achievements. Individual contributions and member accomplishments shared during these updates can further increase the team’s commitment and overall satisfaction within the project. As a result, project managers impact their team members’ careers while also qualifying themselves as effective leaders – a win-win outcome!

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