Managing Project Review Cycles

Managing Project Review Cycles

Have you ever experienced an endless cycle of edits and changes on a project? And this leaves your team with less time to complete the project or quality is sacrificed? If so, check out our project management video on Managing Review Cycles, and we invite you to view all our videos on project management on our TrainingPros YouTube channel.

How much time should you spend on the review cycle for your training project? In this particular video, Gordon Young, TrainingPros partner with Young Resource Group, recommends one hour of review for each planned hour of training delivery. He also highlights some of the challenges that cause delays in the review cycle within a project and ways to overcome them.

What about the changes, especially those related to the cost and schedule of the project? Gordon recommends reviewing the changes required along with the impacts of these changes and including as many people as necessary in this process. Discussing changes is crucial and helps to avoid confusion later on in the project.

This video includes some helpful tips and ideas to successfully manage the review cycle of your project. You’ll learn methodologies on how to better manage and document changes in a detailed and structured manner. Thanks for reading our blog and we hope this information was helpful. What other tips can you share from managing your project’s review cycle?

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