Unlocking Efficiency with Instructional Design Contractors

Unlocking Efficiency with Instructional Design Contractors By Leigh Anne Lankford

Has your team been scaled back? Are you struggling with determining who is going to work on that new product launch training or the new onboarding updates or some other key program? One way to get caught up on your projects is through using an Instructional Design Contractor.

Many companies now regularly engage instructional design contractors to scale their teams for projects outside the normal daily work. Experienced instructional design contractors can play a crucial role in scaling your team because these professionals can bring very specific expertise to each project. In addition, these professionals enter and exit your team with very little effort on your part, allowing you to control costs exactly. Finally, an instructional design contractor doesn’t require the normal leadership efforts that involve so much of your time, like coaching sessions. Let’s explore each of these benefits of using these contractors:

Specialized Expertise:

Hiring an instructional design contractor can bring a variety of specialized expertise to your team.

Are you trying to build a new, cutting-edge onboarding program? Hire a consultant who has built dozens of these for a variety of clients. We have instructional designers in our talent pool who have built award winning onboarding programs with our clients that can bring fresh ideas and a new perspective to your design.

Do you need to build a new leadership development program or set of courses for your high-potential employees in a short period of time? Hire a consultant who has built these programs for multiple clients. We have consultants that have worked with our clients to build award winning, full cohort programs for every level of leadership.

Do you have a project that requires the use of new technology, such as AI? Instead of first taking the time and money to upskill your team, and then figure out how to build the program, consider hiring an instructional designer who has already worked in this technology. Not only will you get the program started and completed more quickly, but you can pair the pro with a member of your team and jump-start your team member’s training on a real-world project!


Employees rightfully expect a forty-hour work week unless they are hired part-time. Even part-time employees need an expectation of exactly how many hours they will be working. What if your project only needs 10 hours of work some weeks and 50 hours of work other weeks?

When you work with instructional design contractors, you can contract them for just one project or even a single course. It doesn’t need to be a set number of hours, days, or weeks. These highly experienced consultants are used to flexing their hours up and down based on the client’s needs. Quite a few of these consultants balance several projects at one time, allowing them to pause projects when they are in the “wait for approval” mode and work full speed when it’s time for content development. In addition, since they only have one objective to meet, all their efforts are focused on driving toward the completion of the single project. ID contractors have no reason to be pulled off task for other happenings in your company.

Cost Effectiveness:

One of the biggest concerns when considering hiring a team member is the cost to onboard and, if necessary, offboard an employee. The costs of hiring go far beyond any cost to recruit and interview for the role. There is also the cost of onboarding, paperwork, office setup, and HR required training. Perhaps the biggest cost to hiring a full-time employee is the time needed to reach proficiency at the job. Time to full proficiency for a full time employee can range from 8 weeks for lower skill hires all the way up to 26 weeks for the most complex jobs.

Instructional Design Consultants are very adaptable. They are used to working with diverse clients and getting up to speed, and working on the project immediately. They understand how to quickly acclimate to your organization’s environment and technology. They know the right questions to ask about workflows and processes. This adaptability, coupled with their flexibility of hours, makes them an excellent choice for new projects.


If your team is experiencing constraints or fluctuations due to scaling back, or if you’re facing challenges in assigning resources to key projects such as new product launches or onboarding updates, engaging an Instructional Design Contractor can be a strategic solution. These professionals bring specialized expertise tailored to your project’s needs, whether it’s developing cutting-edge onboarding programs, leadership development initiatives, or projects involving new technologies like AI. Their flexibility in hours and adaptability to diverse environments allow them to seamlessly integrate into your team, delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions without the overhead costs and time associated with onboarding full-time employees. Instructional Design Contractors offer a focused, goal-oriented approach, driving toward project completion with minimal disruption, making them an invaluable resource for organizations navigating dynamic project demands.

Are you considering hiring an Instructional Design Contractor? Our consultants had a 96% success rate in 2023, which is far above the industry average. Let our industry experienced Relationship Managers help you find the best consultant to start your project with confidence.


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Leighanne Lankford

Leighanne Lankford lives life outside of the lines. From walking on fire to rappelling down buildings, she lives by the mantra, "playing it safe isn’t good enough." In her 30 years as a Learning and Development practitioner, thought-leader, and now business owner, Leighanne has always pushed boundaries and done things her way.
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Leighanne Lankford lives life outside of the lines. From walking on fire to rappelling down buildings, she lives by the mantra, “playing it safe isn’t good enough.” In her 30 years as a Learning and Development practitioner, thought-leader, and now business owner, Leighanne has always pushed boundaries and done things her way.

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